Want It Wednesday: Prada Leather Loafers

It’s hard to believe that 2020 is almost over, and I know I speak for so many of us when I say that this year has felt both so incredibly long and yet short at the same time. It’s truly been quite a whirlwind of a year and as the days tick by we’re moving closer and closer to the holiday season. While many things are uncertain right now and the holidays this year are sure to look a little bit different, like it to not, they’re coming.

I don’t know about you, but it’s around this time that I start to think about holiday gifts, both what I’d like to give and what I’d like to receive (or gift myself!). While I’m definitely not going to be asking for all that much, I have narrowed it down to one major item that I’m really hoping for. That one gotta have it, can’t live without it (ok, I definitely can), can’t stop dreaming about it, piece that seems to haunt me wherever I go.
Earlier in the season I came across a pretty pair of Prada loafers somewhere online, though truth be told I can’t remember where. I tend to scroll mindlessly to relieve, stress, just as many consider reading about handbags or fashion as a way to distract themselves from the heaviness in the world these days, and it was during one of those scrolls that I found these loafers. I made a mental note and moved on.

Then, day after day I kept seeing them show up in advertisements and on my social media feeds. The chunky footwear trend is huge for fall—think chunky hikers, lug sole boots, platform oxfords and more. Plus, loafers are also back, big time, and this pair from Prada combines the two trends that I love. They’re classic with an edge and they just ooze cool. I’d wear them with sweatpants and an oversized blazer just as much as I’d pair them with jeans.

And while I definitely don’t need these, sometimes a little something new (that’s planned and budgeted for) is just the right way to put a little pep in your step. What’s on your fall/winter wishlist?

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