Over the Mini Bag Trend? Indulge in One of the Season’s Best Big Bags

Over the last few years, bags have gotten tinnier and tinnier, but at the same time, big bags have been slowly creeping back into style. When it comes to bags, at the core, the point of a purse is to tote your stuff from place to place, and functionality should be king. What’s the point of a stunning, beautifully crafted purse if it’s a pain to carry or barely holds your day to day essentials without bursting at the seams?

While many people, myself included, have streamlined what it is that they carry day to day, either as a way to follow the mini bag movement or because they’ve simply learned they don’t need as much stuff, this list is not for you. However, for the very many designer bag lovers who also need to carry laptops or files, or want a handbag that doubles as a baby bag, the big bag resurgence is undoubtedly positive and this round up is made with you in mind. For the rest of us, if you’re anything like me, they might end up just being an unnecessary temptation you end up mulling over.

Which one are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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