Hermes Sacabar bag

Find out more about Epsom calfskin

This printed leather takes its name from a town in south-east England that is famous for its horse races. Its fine, regular grain, obtained through machine-printing, has a striking, beautifully subtle dual tone.

First appeared in the collections: 2004

Appearance: Small, regular and slightly glossy grain; uniform; deep colors

Feel: Dry, with a slightly “up and down” grain

Hand: Round and firm

Change over time: Keeps its shape, scratch-resistant. The grain fades in areas exposed to a lot of contact or rubbing

Here’s among Hermes most current cravings – the Hermes Sacabar Bag. It’s a singular built ladylike bag. The details are all brand name-new and have never been embellished on other Hermes Luggage.
There exists a Tale behind the look of course. This trapezium Bag features a pen-shaped closure and also a steel rod that slides right into a leather hinge. It reveals an architectural construction which has a flap mounted that has a rod on which the leather-based is looped.
This bag can be employed as an each day bag and the adjustable strap might be carried to the shoulder or throughout the system.
A nod to the globe of crafting, this trapezium bag has a pen-shaped closure and also a metallic rod that slides right into a leather-based hinge. The Hermès Sacabar bag reveals an architectural framework using a flap preset that has a rod on which leather is looped. Offered in two measurements, it adapts to day-to-working day use and will be carried to the shoulder or across the again.
Usually, it’s out there in Epsom and Swift calfskin. The adjustable strap is created from hunter cowhide. The interior comes with an open up compartment in addition to a back pocket. The toggle closure contains a Clou de Selle detailing.

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